Types Of Outdoor Security Lighting

Types Of Outdoor Security Lighting

Here at the Future Energy Group we are specialists in providing a selection of home/premises protection devices; everything from state of the art fire detection systems, to burglar alarms and more. However one of the simplest ways of protecting your home/premises, making yourself feel safe and being a generally practical feature to have around, is a good security light system. However there is a dazzling array of options on the market, so just what should you look for when considering installing outdoor security lighting?

One important point to consider when purchasing an outdoor security light is that, to comply with UK building regulations, outdoor security lighting has to be installed by a certified electrical contractor. This is not a DIY job. Also let’s face it; an improperly functioning security light isn’t very likely to actually have any affect at all!

So why should you install outdoor security lighting?
• Increased security – many people believe that effective outdoor lighting can be very effective in deterring potential intruders and there is evidence that especially when combined with a CCTV system then this can certainly be the case. There is also evidence that simply having an outdoor security lighting system can make homeowners feel significantly more secure in their homes.
• Practicality – living in the UK we spend many hours each year plunged in darkness and so having outdoor lighting can simply be a practical solution to being able to see your way around when you are outside during the hours of darkness.

What types of security lighting are available and which should you consider?
• PIR Sensor Lights – these lights are controlled by a passive infrared sensor. These monitor the infra-red radiation given off by objects around it – a change in the background radiation triggers the light to switch on, so are useful if you want the light to be only activated when motion is detected, rather than continually.
• Photocell Controlled Lights – These lights will switch on automatically once the daylight drops below a certain level (usually dusk) and will stay on until the light levels recover (usually dawn).
• Floodlights – these should be positioned on a wall at least 3m from the ground and angled towards the ground. They will cast light over a large area and are available in a number of different wattages. Although beware that conversely too high a wattage can often reduce visibility as a result of creating high levels of glare.
• Bulkhead Lights – These are simple lights that are attached to a wall and covered by a polycarbonate cover. These are most suitable for porch lights etc.
• LED Lights – LED lights are available with both PIR Sensor and Photocell controls and in a number of wattages. They are extremely energy efficient (most being rated A++) and will require less maintenance over the years, although they can be more expensive to buy and install initially.

For more information about installing outdoor security lights, or any of our other safety products, contact the experts at Future Energy Group today.

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